How are Graduations In Different Parts of The World?

The dream of many people is to grow up, finish their studies, go to college and pursue something they’ve always wanted and thus spend the rest of their life working on what they really like. And for that to happen, a lot of things consequently happen too. One of those things for sure is the graduation moment, as it marks the end and beginning of a lot, of an incredible period that has passed and a bright future that is to come. The celebration of this moment is “individual” and different in several places and we even get scared when we see some of these graduations.

Perhaps this is the most special moment in a student’s life. Graduating from kindergarten, high school or college, it doesn’t matter, it’s always a beautiful victory. This is because it marks the end of a period full of effort, discoveries and dedication. As mentioned above, the celebration of graduations tends to be different in every corner of the world. In some countries, this moment is extremely curious, funny and quite different from the graduations we are used to seeing in Brazil, for example. And it was thinking a little about this that we decided to bring this article.

The newsroom of Fatos Descoberta sought and then listed, for you, dear reader, how graduations are in some parts of the world. If you know of any that we don’t list here, send them to us in the comments below. Take the opportunity to tell us about yours and share this article with your friends. Without further ado, check with us below and surprise yourself.

How are graduations in different countries

1 – University of Padua, Italy

At the University of Padua, Italy, graduation celebrations are different. Students usually walk the streets in a relaxed atmosphere. Some of them even dress up or play games with eggs and paints.

2 – Kanazawa College of Art, Japan

Upon graduation from this Japanese arts college, students can dress according to their preferences. The result of all this is quite funny. Some students, with their extreme creativity, go dressed as cartoon characters and even some bizarre things, making the ceremony even more iconic.

3 – University of Notre Dame, Indiana, United States

A few years ago, students made special decorations on their chapels. All this so that their families could recognize them in the crowd. Today, the tradition has changed so much that students wear real sculptures on their heads to stand out. It’s a funny job and quite remarkable.

4 – Russefeiring, Norway

That’s the name of the Norwegian high school graduation party. On the big day, they wear clothes in the colors of the country’s flag, rent sound cars and party all over town. It’s a unique event.

5 – Queima das Fitas, University of Coimbra, Portugal

This is one of the oldest traditions in the world. Trainees receive ribbons with specific colors depending on the course they have taken. Before starting the ceremony, they burn the tapes to kick off the Queima das Fitas celebrations.